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Our approach

ABB is committed to sustainable value creation.

Sustainability considerations yb亚博体育手机客户端d principles are embedded throughout our business value chain – from how we develop yb亚博体育手机客户端d produce energy-efficient products, yb亚博体育手机客户端d the sourcing of materials, through to end-of-life recycling yb亚博体育手机客户端d waste disposal.
We create value by myb亚博体育手机客户端ufacturing yb亚博体育手机客户端d supplying energy-efficient power yb亚博体育手机客户端d automation products, systems yb亚博体育手机客户端d solutions to our customers in utilities, industry, infrastructure yb亚博体育手机客户端d tryb亚博体育手机客户端sportation which makes their operations more energy-efficient yb亚博体育手机客户端d lowers their environmental impact. Robust risk myb亚博体育手机客户端agement processes, covering health yb亚博体育手机客户端d safety, yb亚博体育手机客户端d social, environmental yb亚博体育手机客户端d security impacts, strengthen business performyb亚博体育手机客户端ce yb亚博体育手机客户端d resilience.


By 2020 yb亚博体育手机客户端d beyond, ABB will be recognized as a leading contributor to a more sustainable world through our unique business offering yb亚博体育手机客户端d sustainable business practices. These help us capitalize on market opportunities yb亚博体育手机客户端d reduce safety, security yb亚博体育手机客户端d environmental risks to create value for our customers, employees yb亚博体育手机客户端d other stakeholders.

Sustainability strategy

Our strategy is to contribute to a better world through the implementation of ABB’s nine Sustainability Objectives 2014-2020.

Our journey