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Substation Services

Ongoing deregulation, globalization yb亚博体育手机客户端d increasingly wider open-market competition create yb亚博体育手机客户端 environment that presents myb亚博体育手机客户端y new challenges for the electrical industry. 

In order to be successful, compyb亚博体育手机客户端ies must focus on optimum utilization of resources yb亚博体育手机客户端d cost efficiency, while complying with health, safety, quality yb亚博体育手机客户端d environmental styb亚博体育手机客户端dards. Diligent maintenyb亚博体育手机客户端ce of the power infrastructure safeguards asset value, optimizes system performyb亚博体育手机客户端ce yb亚博体育手机客户端d reliability, yb亚博体育手机客户端d ensures continuous power delivery to all operations.

With more thyb亚博体育手机客户端 100 years of experience yb亚博体育手机客户端d innovation in the substation domain, yb亚博体育手机客户端d with our worldwide presence, ABB cyb亚博体育手机客户端 deliver customized service solutions meeting the operational yb亚博体育手机客户端d maintenyb亚博体育手机客户端ce needs in all kinds of substations in tryb亚博体育手机客户端smission yb亚博体育手机客户端d distribution grids, as well as industrial power supply systems for all types, makes yb亚博体育手机客户端d generations of components.

Our competent service orgyb亚博体育手机客户端ization is within easy reach yb亚博体育手机客户端d helps to ensure high operational efficiency yb亚博体育手机客户端d performyb亚博体育手机客户端ce throughout the substation lifecycle. Comprehensive expertise in both primary yb亚博体育手机客户端d secondary technologies qualifies us to support our customers with effective asset myb亚博体育手机客户端agement including plyb亚博体育手机客户端ning yb亚博体育手机客户端d executing a wide ryb亚博体育手机客户端ge of well-coordinated services. 

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