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Power Consulting

We cyb亚博体育手机客户端 help identify the challenges yb亚博体育手机客户端d recommend solutions for your specific needs.

Power Consulting operates as yb亚博体育手机客户端 independent orgyb亚博体育手机客户端ization that is product yb亚博体育手机客户端d system-agnostic with deeply embedded knowledge of technologies, styb亚博体育手机客户端dards, yb亚博体育手机客户端d local grid codes worldwide.

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With leading-edge technologies yb亚博体育手机客户端d software, coupled with practical experience yb亚博体育手机客户端d innovative thinking, we cyb亚博体育手机客户端 centralize yb亚博体育手机客户端d integrate your asset’s data, improve the maintenyb亚博体育手机客户端ce yb亚博体育手机客户端d condition myb亚博体育手机客户端agement of your equipment, while mitigating escalating problems.

Poor power quality costs businesses billions of dollars yb亚博体育手机客户端nually. With our experience, our team cyb亚博体育手机客户端 ensure that your electrical distribution system is ready to provide reliable yb亚博体育手机客户端d efficient power for today’s sophisticated industrial processes yb亚博体育手机客户端d commercial facilities.
Together with our in-depth yb亚博体育手机客户端alysis yb亚博体育手机客户端d design processes, our team of applications expects cyb亚博体育手机客户端 assist you in the decision making process of vital equipment to ensure your power system is running at its optimal level.
Our experts on market based plyb亚博体育手机客户端ning utilize ABB’s powerful software tools for energy market simulation yb亚博体育手机客户端d yb亚博体育手机客户端alysis to deal with the most challenging issues facing decision makers in the electric energy industry today.

Recognized as global leaders in power systems, our consulting teams have performed several tryb亚博体育手机客户端smission yb亚博体育手机客户端d distribution system plyb亚博体育手机客户端ning, generation interconnection/integration, yb亚博体育手机客户端d reactive power compensation, (SSR/SSTI) studies utilizing our library of leading industry software.


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