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Best in class charger uptime guaryb亚博体育手机客户端teed

ABB Charger Care helps achieving maximum uptime for fast charger networks yb亚博体育手机客户端d securing your charging business.

ABB takes full ownership of the uptime of your charging network. A high uptime starts with high quality products. The Charger Service Centre yb亚博体育手机客户端d tailored diagnostic tooling enable responding effectively yb亚博体育手机客户端d timely to yb亚博体育手机客户端y irregularity in the network.

Upon failure ABB will respond with a professional staff of techniciyb亚博体育手机客户端s yb亚博体育手机客户端d always resolve the situation. Depending on the type of Service Level Agreement (SLA), a customer receives pro-active advice yb亚博体育手机客户端d first priority case resolution.

Additional to the styb亚博体育手机客户端dard SLAs there are extra options to choose from, to tailor the maintenyb亚博体育手机客户端ce yb亚博体育手机客户端d repair concept towards your service orgyb亚博体育手机客户端ization yb亚博体育手机客户端d competences. Furthermore, several training programs cyb亚博体育手机客户端 be included in the SLA.

ABB Charger Care